A resounding success for EGO at the 2023 Distributor Conference

EGO Power Plus recently held its annual Distributor Conference, which saw its extensive network of European distributors come together to find out about the brand’s exciting upcoming plans for the year ahead.

Described as a “resounding success” by EGO’s Managing Director Peter Melrose, the two-day event in the UK served as a platform to showcase EGO’s 2024 product launches – including its highly anticipated new-look PRO X range for commercial users.

A particular highlight was the unveiling of EGO’s first pressure washer, adding yet another category to the already extensive EGO range which received excellent feedback from distributors.

Alongside product launches, networking and collaboration, the event also provided an opportunity for the EGO team to offer valuable insights to its distributor network, sharing knowledge on industry challenges, the competitor landscape, aftersales care, and marketing.

Peter said: “We are thrilled that another of our Distributor events can be ticked off as a resounding success. An important event for the EGO calendar, we look forward to sharing this dedicated time with our distributor network as we are always eager to get their reactions to the new product lines that we put so much time and dedication into perfecting for our customers.”

The event included live demonstrations of the new PRO X range to allow the distributors to see for themselves the innovative features, specifications, and market positioning of the new product line.

The team also discussed how the tools have been carefully designed and crafted to cater to the evolving needs of its customers, as Vince Brauns, Group Product Manager for EGO, explains:

“Crucially, the event provides us with an otherwise impossible chance for us to discuss with our partners the numerous challenges our customers face. The cost-of-living crisis has affected everyone; and created a time of uncertainty for our self-employed commercial customers.

“With the all-day power of our new advanced charging solution, we hope to address the concerns of professional users who may be struggling to keep up with the running costs associated with petrol whilst also meeting the demand for battery-powered tools that have the power, performance and run time to work all day, every day without consuming a single drop of petrol.”

Designed specifically to meet those evolving needs and boost the power, performance, and excellent run times that EGO’s revolutionary ARC lithiumTM battery technology is renowned for, the brand unveiled its new charging solution and IoT-driven Bluetooth Integration technology.

Distributors saw the advanced charging solution, which will provide the tools with the power and performance to run all day as an excellent solution to cater to the heavy workload of commercial users. The WiFi-enabled solution can be used to prioritise the order of charge for each battery module, so users can use the specific battery they need, when they need it.

The team also discussed the integration of IoT technology, showcasing how it will enhance the functionality and connectivity of the PRO X products and increase user interaction through the launch of the all-new connected app. Launching next year, EGO unveiled an app for both professionals and domestic users to have full visibility over their tools.

To end with a bang, EGO surprised the distributors with a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour at the Warner Bros. Studio, during which the guests were treated to a cinematic video showcase which brought the EGO brand to life in a captivating and immersive way.

To learn more about EGO, visit: egopowerplus.ie

Article by Ezrina Wyatt

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