Award winning Etesia ET Lander becomes even better

Following the successful launch of the ET Lander electric utility vehicle from Etesia UK in 2021, the company has announced the launch of the next phase of production including becoming fully N1 homologation compliant.

Customers first got the chance to view the utility vehicle at SALTEX in November, where it won the prestigious SALTEX 2021 Innovation award within the vehicle category, while also finishing second within the environmentally friendly category.

Coming off the production line in Wissembourg, France from June 2022, with the first sold machines arriving in the UK July 2022, the new models will be fully N1 homologation compliant meaning that the ET Lander will be fully road legal along with being able to be used off road.

The new models will feature lithium-ion batteries meaning that the range of the ET Lander will extend to 100km and have a charger system compatible with a standard type 2EV car charger.

Built for use on road and off road in both the town and countryside, the Etesia ET Lander is 100% electric, spacious, well-equipped and user-friendly. It is built on a robust chassis and has an array of options including a three-way tipper bed with dual control from the fully-fitted two-seater cab or by remote control when outside the vehicle.

With a length of just 3.72 meters, the ET Lander is very compact. Thanks to the power steering, the short turning radius of 4.40 meters and 360 ° visibility, it goes anywhere. Fitted with a Lithium battery (77.8V 210 Ah producing 10Kw), the autonomy of the vehicle lasts for a full working day – without noise pollution.

The ET Lander can transport loads of up to 940kgs and can also tow up to 750kgs. With its all-road tires and powerful transmission, it is a real all-terrain vehicle for use in a variety of conditions on slopes and difficult terrain. Furthermore, life is made easier for its users through the integrated loading ramps – which allow for the transport of materials, ride-on mowers and other grounds maintenance equipment.

For more information, please visit the dedicated ET Lander website

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