Fungicides & Turf Disease

Showing all 3 results offer a range of turf disease control products for both commercial and domestic use. Choose from a range of professional and amateur fungicide products for grass fungus diseases such as microdochium, anthracnose, red thread, snow mould, take-all patch, leaf spot, fairy rings, brown patch, dollar spot and rust.

Professional fungicide is used by turf managers as a means to control grass fungus diseases such as fusarium, anthracnose and red thread. They can be used preventatively with the use of a systemic fungicide. Alternatively a contact fungicide can be used to treat existing disease.

Please note: professional pesticide products must be applied in accordance with the Pesticide Registration & Controls Divisions (PRCD). More information can be found on the website or by speaking to a DAFM-registered professional advisor at Ireland on 01 841 7399.

Fungicides & Turf Disease

Fungicides are widely used to reduce the impact of pathogenic fungi when environmental conditions stimulate their activity, resulting in damage to turf. Contact fungicides are most effectively used before symptoms of disease are visible or to limit spread to healthy plants. Once symptoms of disease are visible, a systemic fungicide will act curatively by penetrating the plant tissues to restrict growth of the fungi inside the plant.

Lawn disease identification is key to selecting the appropriate fungicide to ensure that the active substance is effective against the pathogen that is causing disease. Prevention is better than cure however and appropriate cultural management includes using fertilisers suited to the season to maintain healthy growth. In addition, turf hardeners can be used proactively to support biological functioning, increasing the ability of the plant to fend off disease pressure.

Professional Fungicides

We have a wide selection of products available containing a variety of active ingredients. When purchasing a fungicide it is important to consider which family each fungicide belongs to.