Growth Regulators

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Growth Regulators Ireland offer the industry leader in plant growth regulators, Primo Maxx has been tried and tested at the highest level and proven through consistent use by fine turf managers.

Trinexapac-ethyl, the active ingredient in Primo Maxx, inhibits gibberellic acid biosynthesis, resulting in decreased cellular elongation and internode length of foliage. After application, any new growth has shortened internodes, more tillers, and reduced vertical growth compared to untreated turf.

As vertical growth slows, energy is redirected to lateral stems and below ground plant parts. The redirected energy is used to produce increased food reserves, bigger root systems, and increased lateral stem development for denser turf. A healthier plant will help to delay the onset of stress, improve stress survival, and enhance recovery under stressful conditions. Mixed properly and sprayed on turf, Primo MAXX is absorbed quickly by the foliage and translocated systemically to the crown of the grass plant.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a technical sales advisor regarding growth regulators please call 01 841 7399.