Ice Melt

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Ice melt liquid works brilliantly both as a de-icer and anti-ice product. It can withstand freezing conditions for much longer, preventing ice from bonding to glass, metal and virtually any other surface for up to 48 hours. Ice melt is fast acting and can melt 10mm of ice in 25 seconds.

If you would like further advice or technical information regarding ice melt or any other ice and snow removal product please speak to a technical sales advisor on +353 (0)1 841 7399. Ice Melt

Ice melt products are available as granules or liquids for ease of application; because of its free flowing granule size, granular applications offer up to 6 times the coverage of conventional snow melt salt products. Ice melt is also completely non-corrosive to metals and reinforced concrete, non-toxic to humans, animals and vegetation, it is also clean and easy to apply hence its wide-scale use when considering ice management and snow clearance.

Ice Melt Liquid was previously only available for use on airport runways; however it is now available for commercial industry use as well as private use. Pitchcare also supply rock salt, snow shovels, salt spreaders and a range of other snow clearing equipment.