Moss Control & Outdoor Cleaners

We supply a range of products that provide moss control for lawn moss as well as hard surface solutions such as: moss killer for moss on drives, moss killer for paths, moss killer for tennis courts, concrete, tarmac and even moss killers for moss on roof tiles.

How to Get Rid of Moss

Moss killer is needed for a variety of reasons. Mosses are primitive non-flowering plants that have no root structure and rely on the properties of water surface tension to translocate sufficient moisture containing moss treatment over the surface of the plant.

Mosses are generally abundant in anaerobic situations where the grass is not growing vigorously: where soil is compacted or does not drain freely, the grass may have been scalped, the area may be shaded or the nutrient status of the soil may be depleted.

Mosses absorb moisture and nutrients that would normally be available for grass plants and for this reason there is a need for moss control to facilitate moss removal. Once the moss has effectively been controlled with an appropriate moss remover a process such as scarifying is needed to remove moss. Mosses also colonize areas of hard surfaces such as driveways, tennis courts, paths, tarmac and roofs. Where they become established in this environment they can increase the nutrient status to the point where vascular plants can become established.

The root system of plants can then compromise the surface which can lead to structural problems. Before it becomes an issue contact a member of the team who can help you decide what type of material is best suited to your purposes.

If you would like to speak to a technical sales advisor who can discuss our range of moss control products please call us on 01 841 7399.