High Iron Products

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The concentrations of iron are sufficient to kill moss but low enough to cause little or no damage to the grass. High iron products are commonly sold as: lawn sand, ferrous or iron sulphate as fertiliser

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When ferrous sulphate is sold as a moss killer then by law it is required to be covered by pesticide legislation and additional health and safety measures similar to other professional pesticides. The manufacturer can then advertise the product as a moss killer and provide directions for its use for moss control.

Lawn Sand

This is ferrous sulphate, commonly with 3% nitrogen mixed with sand as a carrier to enable easy application.

Ferrous or Iron Sulphate as Fertiliser

Ferrous sulphate can be incorporated into a fertiliser, this provides a green up and is often used to harden the grass against frost damage and disease. It is not sold as a moss killer and therefore is not required to be certified as a pesticide. Please be aware that it may stain hard standing and blacken moss.

High iron products are often used to give the classic verdant green colour to managed turf. This has moved from being a by-product of the process of hardening the plant off against damage from frost and disease to becoming an end in itself. Fertiliser products can be used throughout the year, typically a lower nitrogen analysis in the autumn and a higher analysis during the growing season. Iron sulphate is often added in the early spring when the plant can utilise the sulphur for green color, shoot growth and density, root growth, carbohydrate reserves and reduce disease susceptibility.