Moss Control For Turf

Showing all 9 results offer a wide range of moss killers for use within sports turf and domestic lawns. Turfy offer granular products that kill moss and provide the turf with the nutrients that will stimulate growth in grass as well as granular products that combine moss killer with herbicide for weed control and fertilization to promote growth.

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Moss Control for Turf

Moss becomes abundant in anaerobic situations where the grass is not growing vigorously: where soil is compacted or does not drain freely, the grass may have been scalped, the area may be shaded or the nutrient status of the soil may be depleted.

This situation can be alleviated with aeration, generally undertaken in the spring or autumn. A typical renovation will involve applying a moss control product such as Jewel; a herbicide that will also control certain broad-leaved weeds, or a sulphate of iron based product often as a soluble powder, within a fertiliser or as a liquid. Ensure that the moss is damp, not wet through but able to absorb the fluid being applied.

For moss control, water volumes are high to ensure good coverage and enable the fluid to move over the leaf surface by capillary action. It is advisable to rinse out the sprayer thoroughly as soon as spraying is complete as the iron will degrade any metal surfaces it comes into contact with. Iron does not mix well with many products and it is advisable to ‘jug mix’ any products before attempting to apply them.