Line Marking Machines

Line Marking Machines offer wide range of line marking machines. Whether you are looking for a transfer wheel line marker, belt driven line marker, spray line marker or the aerosol line marker. Fundamentally a line marker is a line painter, however they all have different properties: transfer wheel line markers and belt driven line markers are the tried and trusted method. Spray line markers are technologically superior providing greater flexibility whilst aerosol line markers are clean and easy to use.

Both transfer wheel line markers and belt driven line markers contain a reservoir of paint through which either a wheel or the belt moves. This is then placed directly onto the grass plant, in the case of the belt driven line marker, or onto a second and ultimately third wheel before being placed onto the leaf. The downside is that it covers only one side of the leaf and therefore it is advisable to turn around and reverse the direction of application to obtain longevity.

Spray line markers provide a modern day effective solution to obtaining clean, strong lines. The paint is sprayed through a nozzle, in the better systems there are two nozzles which apply the paint to both sides of the leaf, thus saving having to apply the paint in the reverse direction. The application is focused between two guide lines to provide clear definition. The better machines will also have a built in agitator to ensure the paint stays in solution whilst being applied.

Aerosol spray markers provide the flexibility of being able to instantly change the paint colour, easily and without any mess.