Spraying Equipment

Turfy.ie offer a range of spraying equipment for both professional chemical spraying and domestic garden spraying. Whether you are looking for a knapsack sprayer to apply weed killer on your home lawn or you are looking for a walk behind sprayer for your bowling green, we are guaranteed to have a product to suit your requirements.

For further advice or information regarding any of our spraying equipment you can speak to a technical sales adviser on 01902 440250.

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Spraying equipment

Using a knapsack sprayer offers the opportunity to correctly apply liquid fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and bio-stimulants to help control weeds, diseases, pests and obtain strong healthy turf.

Included in our application equipment is a range of stem injection and weed wipes, popular and proven as a method of chemical application to control Japanese Knotweed and other problematic and difficult to target weeds.

Spraying materials as opposed to spreading them within a granular formulation greatly extends the range of active chemical controls available to use. You may want to visit the training section or talk to our experts who can discuss your training requirements.