Stem Injection Equipment

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Rates and Timings

ProductDose RateTiming
Rosate 3602 ml per stem
Either neat or as 10 ml of 20% solution
Apply to flowering stems from late summer through October for best results
Roundup ProVantage1.5 ml per stem
Either neat or as 8 ml of 20% solution

Stem injection has become a popular and effective method of targeting problematic and difficult to control weeds. Our range of stem injection kits are designed for injecting concentrated glyphosate herbicide into the hollow stems of weeds. Stem injection is a safe method of treating weeds in areas where spraying is unsuitable, such as near water where ordinary spraying is unsuitable. Stem injecting Japanese Knotweed is now a common practice amongst contractors and courses and training are available for operatives seeking to learn this skill call the number below.

For further information regarding our stem injection kits, please contact our technical sales team on +353 (0)1 841 7399.