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ASSB or ‘Motty’ Test

An Adams and Stewart soil binding (ASSB) or ‘Motty’ test is important in understanding the binding capabilities of the soil you are working with, and therefore your choice of loam. It is advised that you undertake a Motty test before you start thinking about purchasing your loam. Using a product that doesn’t meet your current soil classification or target performance group, could have adverse affects on the playability of the wicket through the growing season.

A Motty test calculates the soil’s ability to bind by testing its strength. From the results of this test, an adequate choice of loam can be made to suit your own personal cricket square. Once results are obtained, a loam with similar clay content can be purchased. It is important to note that soils with ASSB/Motty values over 90kg and below 45kg are generally deemed as unfit for cricket pitches. Soils which disintegrate between 45 and 70kg are fit for club pitches, and between 70 and 90kg for first class pitches.

ASSB / Motty Value Equivalent Clay Content For Well Made Motties Strength Category
113kg (250lb) and over Over 55% Exceptionally Strong
91-113kg (200-250lb) 44-55% Very Strong
68-91kg (150-200lb) 33-44% Strong
45-68kg (100-150lb) 22-33% Moderately strong
23-45kg (50-100lb) 11-22% Weak
9-23kg 20-50lb) 4-11% Very weak
Under 9kg Below 4% Non-binding

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