Biostimulants & Micronutrients offer a range of bio-stimulants and mirconutrients, which offer proven benefits to plant health and soil nutrient provision by stimulating microbial activity within the soil and supplying appropriate levels of necessary micro-nutrients. Bio-stimulants and seaweeds act to improve the plant's resistance to disease and pests and can be applied as soil conditioners and as a micronutrient addition. Micronutrients can be utilised to address specific deficiencies.

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Biostimulants & Micronutrients

Plants commonly derive soil nutrients and soil sugar through their root system and leaves, therefore the format which facilitates their delivery to the plant is important. Seaweed can be used as a biostimulant initially as a soil conditioner to amend the soil and provide the soil micro-organisms with an environment that allows them to thrive.

Primary, secondary and micronutrients are essential for healthy plant growth. It is often presumed that they are generally provided by applying fertiliser, however synthetic fertilisers apply only the elements that are stated on the bag. Living organisms require plant food, including micronutrients, for healthy growth and development; this can be compromised by low cutting heights and inappropriate cultural practices. Levels of micronutrients can be ascertained by undertaking a soil test.

Biostimulants and seaweeds for plants are focused on encouraging good health and vitality within the soil and plant, this in turn enables the plant increased access to soil moisture, macronutrients and micronutrients which enables the plant to tolerate stress in the form of regular cutting, disease pressures, heat, cold and light stress.