MicroNutrients & Trace Elements

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In general, turf managers only amend the soil when problems become evident, although a growing number of people are addressing the plants requirement by providing supplements to ensure plants have adequate access to vital trace elements.

Turfy.ie provide a range of micronutrient and trace element products, professional soil analysis and advice which can be obtained by calling our team of technical experts on +353 (0)1 841 7399.

MicroNutrients & Trace Elements

Deficiencies in micronutrients are widespread: 50% of world cereal soils are deficient in zinc and 30% of cultivated soils are globally are deficient in iron. Modern demands for yield have successively depleted soil micronutrients to the detriment of plant health.

Macronutrients and micronutrients are required by plants for a range of physiological functions;

  • Boron is involved in carbohydrate transport in plants,
  • Chlorine is needed for osmosis and ionic balance,
  • Cobalt is an important catalyst in nitrogen fixation,
  • Copper is a component in some plant enzymes,
  • Iron and manganese are essential for the synthesis of chlorophyll,
  • Molybdenum is utilized by plants in the formation of nitrates into a form that the plant can use and zinc assists in the formation of chlorophyll and forms an important part of many plant enzymes.