Soil Amendments

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A soil amendment is a material added to a soil as a biostimulant to improve its physical properties, such as water infiltration, water retention, aeration and structure. offers a range of granular and liquid soil amendments, if you require assistance in selecting the appropriate soil conditioner / amendment product contact one of our technical experts on +353 (0)1 841 7399.

Soil Amendments

Soil amendments improve the physical properties of soils. Soil conditioner is applied at a volume which allows it to infiltrate the soil. The best soil amendments increase water and nutrient-holding capacity and improve aeration and water infiltration. Soil amendments are commonly applied as both a liquid and a granular product.

The aim is to provide a better environment for plants by flocculating soil particles and creating a more favourable environment for the root system.

Soil amendments are different to mulches; the aim of a mulch is to reduce evaporation, inhibit weed growth, help to warm soils in the spring, cool them in the summer and create an attractive appearance. Mulches may be incorporated into the soil as amendments after they have degraded to the point where they no longer serve their purpose.