Iron & Turf Hardeners

Iron (Fe) – is involved in the synthesis of chlorophyll and is essential for chloroplast and mitochondrial function due to its role within the electron transport chain. Thus, it is required for a wide range of biological functions including enzyme activation and plant respiration.

Sulphur (S) – Primarily used in the formation of amino acids. Sulphur is also necessary for chlorophyll formation and plays a role in the active metabolisation of nitrogen. Important in food, enzyme and chlorophyll production. Increasingly deficient due to clean air laws which have reduced the amount of sulphur in the atmosphere, which would have been carried into soils as acid rain.

Fertilisers containing high percentages of iron and sulphur provide an effective green up of turf surfaces without the risk of causing fresh leaf growth, which would occur following applications of nitrogen. Fresh growth which is then more susceptible to attack by fungal diseases at certain times of the year when soil temperatures are cooler and light levels lower.

Iron sulphur products are available in several forms; granular, soluble and liquid. Each offer different characteristics and are used in a wide variety of turf situations.