Foamstream solves three-fold weed-control problem for 4B Landscape & Construction Inc

Across the pond, 4B Landscape & Construction Inc are discovering the many benefits of Foamstream, having switched to the non-herbicidal weed-control solution in early 2022. Previously using Glyphosate as their primary chemical control, CEO Jamie Berg and COO Gary Berg Jr explain how, since purchasing their L12 unit from Weedingtech, they’re piquing the interest of many new commercial customers with the alternative that saves labor hours and tackles weeds in a way that’s safer for operator and the planet.

Established in 2013, 4B Landscape & Construction Inc are a full-scale landscape design, installation and maintenance company servicing both residential and commercial clients in the Greater Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley areas. “When it came to weed control, our initial approach of glyphosate and supplementary hand weeding wasn’t proving effective for three reasons. Firstly, and mainly, is the overall adverse health concerns to humans and the environment. Next, we found weed crops were becoming glyphosate tolerant leading to an increase in treatments. Finally, hand weeding was just simply inefficient and labor intensive, and didn’t give us lasting results” explains Gary.

When exploring alternatives, Gary came across Foamstream on social media and later found that one of their local vendors was an approved distributor. Foamstream kills unwanted vegetation, including weeds, moss and algae, using the precise application of hot water insulated by a specially formulated biodegradable and organic foam. It is delivered by Weedingtech’s range of patented machinery range – an L12 unit purchased by Gary is now coming to the end of its first year of service.

“Not only is Foamstream a healthy herbicide-free option for people and the environment, it gives us instant knockdown results. Compared to hand-weeding, it equates to a 25% labor saving on each site which is in the region of 90 hours saved over the span of the season. Because it treats the spores and seeds as well as the weed, Foamstream has decreased our annual treatments from seven to three or four.” He continues, “It has also eliminated costly overspray or leaching repairs and expanded our potential for treatment throughout the year instead of being limited by suitable weather windows.”

“Additionally, the community perception of the system being herbicide-free helps us stand-out among the competition. Our customers appreciate the multiple benefits it has to their friends, family, pets and the environment and this has undoubtably seen us win more business in both the domestic and commercial markets.”

Article by Louise Challiss

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