ICL launches new organic based fertiliser

ICL has announced the launch of Gronamic Golf 6-2-4, an organic based fertiliser with unique, proven and sustainable ingredients.

Gronamic Golf 6-2-4 is designed to deliver a healthy natural turf response. It combines a unique blend of mineral and plant-based organic nutrition with a proven biostimulant.

Gronamic Golf 6-2-4 contains ingredients that are unique to ICL in turf.

SMX, the sustainably sourced seaweed concentrate that has been shown in trials to improve turf colour, turf quality, root development and stress tolerance.

Pearl Struvite, a recycled, slow-release phosphorus, derived from the water treatment industry.

Polyhalite is exclusively mined in the UK by ICL, is a low chloride fertiliser, and being a natural product with no chemical processing makes it suitable for organic feeding programmes.

Gronamic Golf 6-2-4 is the latest product to be added to the Gronamic range and is available from ICL with immediate effect.

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Article by Chris Bassett

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