Johnsons J Tee Helps Wenvoe Castle GC Overcome Challenge Of High Wear

The unique blend of cultivars in Johnsons Sports Seeds J Tee mixture is delivering the magic combination of rapid establishment and high wear tolerance required at Cardiff’s Wenvoe Castle Golf Club. Head Greenkeeper Lucy Sellick cites the small tees and the sustained high levels of play as a major maintenance challenge, overcome with this mix incorporating tetraploids and a little extra spring ‘kick-start’ with DLF’s ProNitro® seed coating.

A team of four assists Lucy with the maintenance of the 18-hole parkland course, labelled as ‘one of the finest challenges of golf in Wales’. “The big challenge for us is finding seed that can germinate and establish quick enough to cope with the high number of rounds! I’ve been greenkeeping for a long time, and for our site, I’m yet to find anything that can compete with the establishment and consistency we get with the Johnsons mixtures.”

Johnsons J Tee incorporates 40% tetraploid ryegrass, in the form of Fabian and Tetragame, delivering significantly improved disease tolerance, shoot density and recovery, even under close mown conditions. It also incorporates Sabrena RSMG – which germinates like a ryegrass, has the fine leaf and density of a bent grass and delivers outstanding wear tolerance, even in shady conditions. “We’ve been using J Tee for the last few years now and continue to see germination in under two weeks, even in the cooler conditions with the J Nitro Tee option.” Featuring both fast and slow-release nitrogen, ProNitro improves nutrient utilisation during the early stages of plant growth for each developing seedling.

“We sow J Nitro Tee at the start of the season, when everything is a bit slower to give the seed a bit of a head start. We then switch to the regular J Tee in the middle of the season, and have achieved fantastic results.” Lucy adds, “We also use Johnsons J All Bent on our greens which, again, is great for high wear tolerance. The high wear areas around the perimeters of the greens are predominately Poa, but the combination of Arrowtown and Manor outcompetes that and helps us to achieve faster greens with improved disease resistance.”

“Another great thing about the Johnsons range from DLF is the fact that it’s backed by science. You know that behind every formulation are years of research and trials which for me is a big advantage.” She concludes, “The team, including my Regional Technical Manager Ian Barnett, are always on hand with the latest information and findings which reassures me that I’m always making the right choice.”

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Johnsons J Tee

Johnsons J Tee

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