Login Help

If you are having difficulty logging into the website, the steps below should help. If they do not, please call Customer services in our office on 01 841 7399, or email info@pitchcare.ie

How do I know if I am logged in?

If you are logged in, the bar at the very top of the page will say “You are logged in as [Your Name / Email].” If you are not logged in, this will simply say “Login”

Are you a member?

You have to be a registered member of Pitchcare Ireland to be able to login – Register here

Do you have cookies enabled?

Your web browser must have cookies enabled to be able to login to Pitchcare Ireland. By default the browser will accept cookies, but you (or your companies IT department) may have disabled them. If this is the case, the website will not show an error message when you login, but when you try and view a page that requires you to be logged into the site it will ask you to login again – and again and again!

Have you forgotten your username or password?

You can request that your username and password are sent to the email address that you registered for Pitchcare Ireland with Reset your password

Do you have an older computer or web browser?

The pages that allow you to register for and login to the Pitchcare Ireland website are protected by 1024 bit secure encryption. Some older computers and web browsers cannot handle this level of security and will just refuse to load the registration or login pages. If the login or register page will not load for you (you just get a white screen, and the loading bar does not complete), it is possible that this is the problem.

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