New Syngenta and ICL agreement seals turf science innovation

Syngenta and ICL have signed a new agreement to continue and enhance the strong relationship that has brought great innovation, investment and service to the turf industry.

The move reinforces the close working relationship of ICL’s unparalleled nutrition expertise, industry support and technical field force to deliver Syngenta’s world leading technical R&D products and services over the past 15 years.

It will also ensure the continued investment and development of research and technical innovation that has pioneered many of the advanced Integrated Turf Management techniques now successfully implemented by turf managers.

The extended agreement comes at an exciting time for both companies introducing ground-breaking technological advances. That includes the launch of ICL’s eqo.s® controlled release fertilizer technology and Syngenta’s new fungicide, herbicide and biocontrol products, along with Acelepryn and NemaTrident integrated solutions for turf soil pest control in 2023.

Announcing the new agreement, Syngenta Commercial Head, Daniel Lightfoot said: “The combined strength of ICL and Syngenta has, over the past 15 years, pioneered the products and the techniques to deliver huge advances in the management of high-quality turf and amenity landscapes.

“We are delighted to forge stronger links between the two companies that together can better help our customers to meet the current challenges, as well as develop further in the future.” The agreement includes the launch of new products, along with digital technologies and technical communication strategies.

Stephen Squires, ICL Regional Business Lead, added: “We have built an incredibly strong strategic alliance with Syngenta, this agreement underlines the strength of the relationship.

“Together we will continue to deliver and build on the full value of our world leading product portfolios, our technical innovation and our industry knowledge and technical advice to our customers.”

Article by Mark Sanderson

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