Grazon Pro Paddock Weedkiller 1L

240 g/litre triclopyr (acid equivalent) present as 334 g/litre of triclopyr butotyl and 60 g/litre (5.5% w/w) clopyralid. Spot treatment for docks, thistles and nettles. For use in grassland such as paddocks.

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Grazon Pro 1L

Grazon Pro is a highly effective selective fertiliser that can be used to treat a wide range of broad-leaved weeds. It provides excellent control of weeds with tap roots such as docks and spear thistle as well as other problem weeds in amenity grassland and grassland situations including creeping thistle and common nettle.

Grazon Pro is authorised for application via handheld sprayers, enabling excellent targeting of problem weeds. It is ideal for use on permanent pasture as well as other grass surfaces that are cut infrequently.

Product Benefits

  • Can be applied via a handheld sprayer
  • Controls a wide spectrum of weeds
  • Low application rate offers excellent value
  • Rainfast in just 2 hours
Product Overview
Product TypeHerbicide
Product NameGrazon Pro
PCS No.05182
Active SubstancesClopyralid and triclopyr
FormulationEmulsifiable concentrate
Areas of UseAmenity grassland & grassland
PhytomobilityPhloem mobile systemic
Mode of Action GroupSynthetic auxins

Instructions for use

Where to use

Grazon Pro can be used in all amenity grassland and grassland situations where the clippings will not be collected for use in mulch, compost or green waste and where the land will not be grazed or used for animal feed or bedding.

  • Amenity grassland: Areas of semi-natural or planted grassland subject to minimal or non-intensive management
  • Grassland: Land grown for grass production which may be grazed and/or cut for animal consumption


When to use

Praxys can be used between 1st March to 30th October and is most effective when used to treat weeds that are actively growing.

Application Window – Depitox 500

For optimum efficacy, the timing of the application of Grazon Pro is crucial:

Weed TypeApplication Timing
NettleWhen actively growing but before flowering
DockIn the spring when docks are in the rosette stage
Creeping thistleWhen actively growing but before flower spikes are 15 cm high
Bramble, broom and gorseJune-August when actively growing but before autumn senescence begins


How to use

Grazon Pro can be applied using handheld spraying equipment such as a knapsack sprayer using a medium spray quality nozzle:

  • Half fill the spray tank with water
  • Add the required amount of Grazon Pro and agitate to ensure thorough mixing
  • Add the remaining water and continue to agitate
  • Maintain agitation of the spray solution whilst spraying
  • When spraying ensure foliage is thoroughly wetted but run-off should be avoided
  • To allow maximum translocation, avoid cutting the grass for up to 28 days after application
  • After spraying clean all spraying equipment inside and out, using a suitable spray tank cleaner

Additional Information

  • Do not use where clippings are collected for use in mulch, compost or green waste
  • Do not apply onto or around manure or other compost heaps
  • Do not us on land that will be grazed by livestock or where vegetation will be ued for animal feed or bedding within 12 months of treatment
  • Avoid contact with non-target plants
  • Be aware that conifers are particularly sensitive to spray drift
  • Avoid applying when conditions are not suitable for active plant growth

Active Substances

Clopyralid and triclopyr

Bio-Chemical Mode of Action: Clopyralid and triclopyr belong to the synthetic auxins group of herbicides.

Synthetic auxins work by inducing rapid abnormal cell growth and development in the stems, petioles and leaves of susceptible plants causing cell bursts and ultimately cell and plant death.

Mobility: Clopyralid and triclopyr are systemic penetrants which means that the active substance can be translocated downwards through the plant within the phloem (sugar conducting tissues) and upwards through the plant within the xylem (water conducting tissues).

Application timing: Systemic auxins are best applied when the weeds are actively growing. They are generally more effective when target plants are younger and in their vegetative phases.

Resistance: The incidences of resistance to synthetic auxins remains relatively low which is assumed to be because the herbicide has multiple sites of action.

However, resistance to synthetic auxins has been observed globally with 36 species being confirmed as resistant as of 2017. Best management practices, such as alternating with products with a different mode of action and using cultural weed control methods, will help to reduce the risk of further resistance.

SUD Directive: The purchaser and/or end users are responsible for ensuring that these products are used in line with industry Approved Codes of Practice. Icade Herbicide is for use only by a Professional User registered under the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive

How to register as a Professional User under the Sustainable Use of Pesticides Directive
Training Courses
Please read the Safety Data Sheet provided in the Technical Information tab.

If you require further information regarding Grazon Pro Paddock Weedkiller, contact our technical sales team on +353 1 841 7399.

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Price ex. VAT: 79.50

Price inc. VAT: 97.79

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Grazon Pro Paddock Weedkiller 1L