Heritage Maxx Turf Disease Control

The origins of Heritage Maxx lie in the natural fungicides produced by wood-rotting fungi found on the forest floor. Heritage Maxx harnesses the power of these to produce a truly broad-spectrum product. The result is an incredibly powerful fungicide, yet one which is extremely gentle to turf.

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Heritage Maxx Turf Disease Control

HeritageMaxx® is a broad spectrum strobilurin systemic fungicide in an easy to use liquid formulation which provides fast activity against turf disease pathogens.

The liquid formulation, HeritageMaxx®, enables both leaf and root absorption ensuring maximum uptake and use by the plant. Rapid movement through the plant ensures that the active substance is transported to the site of infection and begins to control disease pathogens before damage is caused.

HeritageMaxx® can be used preventatively when conditions are favourable for the target disease. It can also be used as an anti-sporulent, to prevent further spread of infection when the pathogen is already active.

The systemic movement of the active substance upwards through the plant provides effective protection good longevity. HeritageMaxx® also has the unique advantage of root uptake, in addition to foliar uptake, meaning that more of the active substance can be fully utilised by the plant.

Product overview
Product typeFungicide
Product nameHeritageMaxx®
PCS No.03978
Active substances95 g/l Asoxystrobin
FormulationDispersible concentrate
Areas of useManaged amenity turf
Role in protectionPreventative & Anti-sporulent
PhytomobilityAcropetal penetrant
Mode of action groupQoI-fungicide

Target Species

Pathogen triggers
AnthracnoseDrought stress
Poor drainage
Low fertilityExcessive thatchClose mowing
Excessive traffic
Brown patch> 21°CSurface humidity; Extended periods of leaf wetnessExcess N
Deficient P
Deficient K
Fairy ringsHydrophobic residues
Deficient NInfrequent aeration
Leaf spot15-18°CSurface humidity
Drought stress
Deficient or excess NExcessive thatchLow mowing height
Melting out10-21°CLeaf wetnessExcess NThatch build-up
Close mowing
Shaded areas
Microdochium< 15°CWater logged soil
Surface humidity
Low KExcessive foliar growth
Thatch build-up
Heavy traffic
RustExtended leaf wetness
Drought stress
Deficient NLow light intensity
Infrequent mowing
Take-all< 21°CWet weather
Poor drainage
Over irrigation
Excessive NExcessive thatchLow mowing heights

Instructions for use

Maximum treatmentsApplication intervalMax individual doseWater volumeApplication method
4 per annum2 weeks (minimum)2.5 L/ha125 – 1000 L/haBoom or knapsack sprayer

Where to use: For use on managed amenity turf: Areas of frequently mown intensively managed turf including all types of sports turf, golf greens, tees and fairways.

When to use: Can be applied at any time of the year when conditions are favourable for disease development (see trigger points for disease above).

For best results apply as a preventative treatment at the earliest stages of disease symptom expression.

How to use:

For boom spraying using a vehicle mounted hydraulic sprayer:

  • Half fill the spray tank with water
  • Begin agitation
  • Add the required amount of HeritageMaxx® to the tank
  • Complete filling
  • Continue agitation until spraying is completed

For spot treatments using a knapsack or hand-held sprayer:

  • Half fill the spray tank with clean water
  • Add the required quantity of Heritage® to the tank
  • Complete filling and mix thoroughly
  • Use immediately

Additional information

  • Prevent spray drift on to surrounding areas
  • Do not apply when ground is frozen or during drought
  • Do not allow direct spray from horizontal boom sprayers to fall within 5 m of the top of the bank of a waterbody (unless a LERAP permits a narrower buffer zone)

Active substances


Bio-Chemical Mode of Action: Azoxystrobin belongs to the QoI class of fungicides (Quinone outside Inhibitors).

QoI’s work by blocking the pathogens ability to produce energy through the transfer of electrons.

Mobility: Azoxystrobin is an acropetal penetrant which means that after application the fungicide diffuses through the cuticle and is translocated within the xylem (water conducting tissues) upwards through the plant.

Water potential determines the speed of movement and therefore the fungicide moves more rapidly to the leaf tips in conditions which also favour rapid transpiration.


Application timing:Azoxystrobin is best applied preventatively when disease risk is high but symptoms on the leaf are not yet visible. It can also be used when the pathogen is active as an anti-sporulant to prevent further spread of the infection.

Resistance: QoI fungicides have a highly specific mode of action in which only one biochemical site is targeted within the fungal cell. Therefore resistance can occur from just one mutation of that single site.

QoI fungicides must be alternated with products with a different mode of action. Using a QoI fungicide at the earliest stages of disease development as a preventative treatment will also help to reduce the risk of resistance.

For further information and application rates,contact our technical sales team by email at sales@turfy.ie.

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Price ex. VAT: 1,195.00

Price inc. VAT: 1,469.85

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Heritage Turf Disease Control 500g
Heritage Maxx Turf Disease Control