Toro launches new robotic mower, delivering on technological innovation

Toro is bringing new innovation to the residential garden care category with the launch of a robotic mower that offers cutting-edge, easy to deploy technology and never-before-seen features.

With more than a century of delivering innovative solutions for the outdoor environment, Toro’s new robotic, battery-powered mower represents the latest in smart, connected technology for homeowners and their gardens.

“Our commitment to alternative power, smart connected, and autonomous technologies will enable people to create an amazing space for their families and do more of what they love for generations to come,” said Peter Moeller, Vice President & General Manager, International Division at The Toro Company.

The new robotic mower, available to consumers in selected European markets in the first half of next year, is a culmination of years of research and development. Featuring industry-leading capabilities, such as the industry’s first vision-based localisation system and wire-free navigation, the setup is easy and tailored to each garden without a pricey and failure-prone underground boundary wire installation. This proprietary vision system uses multiple cameras to map and localise in the garden enabling the mower to navigate tight spaces and move around structures such as trees and landscaping. It is also capable of crossing surfaces, such as driveways and sidewalks, to maintain all areas of the property.

Another exciting feature is the dedicated smartphone app which allows users to customise their mowing schedule – whether it’s around work, sleep, or travel. The app can also recommend an ideal mowing schedule based on weather forecasts and patterns. In addition, the mower has third-party safety certification, theft-proof features, slope-friendly cutting abilities, and quiet functionality.

To give homeowners a lawn care system that works as effectively as possible, the robotic mower offers unmatched efficiency through its patented Smart ZonesTM pattern mowing system that can be controlled through custom settings in the app. Through this system, the mower will automatically keep the lawn at a consistent, owner-selected height by cutting the smallest amount of grass each day for optimal lawn health.

Addressing the growing demand for easy-to-use autonomous mowers that offer flexibility and can handle complex gardens, the category is expected to grow significantly in the next 10 years in Europe as the technology develops to deliver accuracy and efficiency.

The new mower will join Toro’s many other powerful and energy efficient garden care tools, including its 60V Flex-Force Power System™, a full lineup of cordless products with one interchangeable battery, as well as its new Revolution Series of battery-powered commercial lawn care equipment. Toro’s autonomous technology is expanding to other outdoor environments, such as golf courses, where field testing of the GeoLink Solutions Autonomous Fairway Mower is underway.

The new autonomous mower, available in red or charcoal gray, will be available for purchase in selected European markets from the first half of next year. Learn more at

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